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Dev Sanskriti Interdisciplinary International Journal (DSIIJ) is a biannual research journal by the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (University) focused in indigenous knowledge (specially related to ancient Indian knowledge). Researchers and scholars from all over the world submit their original manuscripts for the advancements of science in indigenous knowledge. DSIIJ (Print ISSN 2279-0578; eISSN 2582-4589) is published by the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya Press. DSIIJ is a quality-conscious, peer reviewed journal. The online publication of the journal is also being initiated, to be published simultaneously with the print form with a view to disseminate research information at a faster pace and across new frontiers. The editorial board comprises of the reputed experts from around the globe. The journal maintains a rigorous editorial process of peer review to ensure quality and originality. DSIIJ provides an international forum for interdisciplinary research relating to the indigenous knowledge. ... Read More

Current Issue

Vol. 16 (2020)
Published July 31, 2020

Dev Sanskriti Interdisciplinary International Journal (DSIIJ) is a biannual journal by the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (University). DSIIJ publishes original work of all subjects dedicated to the indigenous knowledge. All papers in this journal are peer reviewed and publication is absolutely free. 


Rahul Kumar Satuna, Aradhana Negi, Ravindra Satuna
Intuitive Vision and Indigenous Immunity Boosting approaches for COVID19: From the Literature of Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya
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Piyush Trivedi
8 fold Indigenous Approach for Improving Psycho-immunity: With Special reference to COVID19 pandemic
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Nitesh Sharma
The Yoga for physical and mental health – Can possibly aid in prevention and management of COVID19 infection?
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Indrayani Trivedi, Pankaj Kumar Trivedi
हठयौगिक ग्रंथों में कफ संबंधी दोषों को दूर करने के लिये वर्णित यौगिक विधियाँ : कोविड-19 महामारी के विशेष संदर्भ में: Yogic methods described to remove phlegm defects in the Hathayogic texts: with special reference to Covid-19 pandemic
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Deepak Kumar, Laxmi Kumari
आपदाकाल में सकारात्मक संचार : कोरोना संकट काल के विशेष संदर्भ में एक अध्ययन: Positive communication in a disaster: a study with special reference to the Corona crisis period
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Ashish Kumar, Ajay Bhardwaj, Umakant Indolia
Addressing the effect of COVID19 pandemic on the Tourism Industry in Haridwar and Dehradun Districts of Uttarakhand, India
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