Suffering as a State-of-Mind




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FORREST, L. R. (2015). Suffering as a State-of-Mind. Dev Sanskriti Interdisciplinary International Journal, 6, 16–24.


This theoretical paper is an attempt at exploring and understanding the convoluted concept of “suffering” according to the Indian philosophy, including Buddha, Patanjali, Sivananda, the Gita & Jainism. However, the three predominant schools of thought on suffering discussed in detail in the paper are Buddhism, Samkhya and Yoga, along with the concepts of dukha, purusha and prakriti, and the five afflictions mentioned in Patanjali’s Yoga sutras. Drawing from these theories of suffering the author has generated a concept map to facilitate one’s understanding about suffering, and finally, a pertinent conclusion has been drawn describing suffering as a state of mind that is free from the attachment of the transient and is just a fleeting thought of the human mind.


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