The process of harnessing solar power through the Ashwamedha Yagya.


Solar power
Ashwamedha Yagya


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The first Ashwamedha Yagya under the Dev Sanskriti Digvijay Abhiyan of the All World Gayatri Family took place in Jaipur, Rajasthan from November 7th to 10th, 1992. During the same period, the entire issue of the Akhand Jyoti magazine for the month of November 1992 was dedicated to the 'Ashwamedha Yagya'. This special edition is in itself a treatise, elucidating the true purpose and objective of the Ashwamedha based on scriptures, while resolving misconceptions from the past ages.

Worship of the Sun has been fundamental to Indian culture, with the Gayatri mantra being the chant for the adoration of Surya (the Sun God). Understanding the connection between the Ashwamedha Yagya and Surya-Savitri is essential to grasp the purpose of the Ashwamedha ritual.

There is a deep connection between the Ashwamedha process and Gayatri along with the Sun. According to the Ashwamedha section of the Shatapatha Brahmana (13/4/2/6), there is a provision for offering oblations to Savitri after reciting the Gayatri Mahamantra. The oblations offered through the worship of Gayatri Mahamantra fulfill the scientific aspect of the Yagya, purifying the societal consciousness. The scientific process of purifying the unconscious mind of the societal group through the Ashwamedha Yagya is elaborately explained in the November 1992 Akhand Jyoti special edition article titled 'The Process of Harnessing Solar Power through the Ashwamedha Yagya'. Therefore, this article is being reprinted here for the readers of 'Dev Sanskriti: An Interdisciplinary International Journal'.



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