Utility of Ghrita in Treatment of Unmada (Unstable Mind) with special reference to Charaka Samhita


Charaka Samhita
Internal medicine
Purana Ghrita


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Dayanand, T. (2023). Utility of Ghrita in Treatment of Unmada (Unstable Mind) with special reference to Charaka Samhita. Dev Sanskriti Interdisciplinary International Journal, 21, 26–30. https://doi.org/10.36018/dsiij.v20i.267


Classifying ‘Unmada’ as psychiatric, psychological or psychosomatic disorder only limits the understanding of this vast but seldom understood subject. In Charaka Samhita, the clear etiopathogenesis and subsequent line of treatment indicates both internal pathology as well as external causes including but not limited to diet, mental strength, physical injury and emotional trauma. However, irrespective of the etiopathogenesis, a strong focus on the use of Ghrita based medication to consumption of ghee as it has been observed in relation to internal medication. This perspective study discussed references and possible mode of action of Ghrita, especially Purana Ghrita (old clarified butter) in treatment of mind related pathologies.



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