Emerging Sources of Renewable Energy: Technological Advancement of Traditional and Natural approaches
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Energy Mix
Alternative Natural And Traditional Energy Sources
Technological Advancement


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Doshi, K. (2021). Emerging Sources of Renewable Energy: Technological Advancement of Traditional and Natural approaches. Dev Sanskriti Interdisciplinary International Journal, 17, 68–75. https://doi.org/10.36018/dsiij.v17i.209


???? ???? ???????? ???????? (Mata Bhumi PutrohamPrithivyah) - The earth is my mother and I am her son. It is the well-cherished VedicSanskrit verse and is most appropriateguide for the world's struggle for energy demands. Traditionally in Vedic culture and in modern times in many countries cow-based energy sources were used to fulfill the energy demands. Since the past more than 3 centuries, human race has adopted energy sources based on fossil, which are on the edge of extinction, as well as producing consequences like global warming, irreversible damage to natural sources like sea etc. These consequences are challengingexistence of mankind. Biogas energy and biomass are the traditional and natural energy sources. The present article highlights such sustainable emerging sources. Technological advancement in biogas energy, hydrogen from biogas and other sources, geothermal energy, and biomass have made significant technological advancement and emerging as alternative energy sources to which present scientific and governmental bodies are looking into it to curb the energy challenges.

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