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Born out of a unique vision of the ground breaking scholar and great visionary, Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharaya, Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya is an educational  institution  to mould its students into noble and enlightened human beings; selfless, warm­ hearted, compassionate and kind individuals. Along with excellent domain focused approach, categorical excellence   and a widely knitted outreach connect, the University aims to build individuals with spirituality as their locus of control and help them excel holistically through meticulously designed curriculums   and dedicated faculty.  One of the primary objectives of the University is to provide education and conduct research in the disciplines of Vedic Culture (Dev Sanskriti) and to provide a proper blend of science and spirituality. This issue of Dev Sanskriti: Interdisciplinary International Journal is a welcome addition in the same tradition.

This issue of journal includes contributions from across disciplines like Ayurveda, Psychology, Scientific Spirituality,   Parapsychology, Journalism, Education, Philosophy, Indian culture, Literature and Oriental   Studies.  The first paper of this issue is dictated to the concept and importance of value in media education taking reference of Dev Sanskriti University’s value based education where Sukhnandan Singh discussed the need, challenges and future of values in media education.

Our second paper comes from across the border from Massachusetts, USA in which Mary Keator explores the concept of Contemplative Space and its impact on human life. Mary Keator in her study concluded that contemplative space makes human more present and began cultivating a community of care.

In third research article Ambikabhatt et. al., discussed the idea of socialism and investigated the base of Indian socialism and its structure concluding that socialism is the thought important to every human being and socialism and education are interdependent, they act as means and doable to each other.

Alka Mishra, VandanaShrivastava studied the efficiency of Marma therapy an important aspect of Ayurveda for the treatment of Osteoarthritis   of   knee. Their research concludes that the Marma therapy therapeutic intervention in themanagement of Osteoarthritis   of   kneeboth with regards to short-term relief, and long-term self-management.

Again the fifth article is across the border from Colorado, USA. It is a prospective on mother earth. The author Joseph Archer explored and analyzed the idea of Hindu dharma on nature. According to the author The  concept  of considering earth as mother is  very  applicable  and  accessible  to  average  Hindus, making it a framework that, if promoted, can help modern India develop a stronger environmental ethic.

We heartily congratulate and thank to the reviewers and all the contributors. Hope, this issue of Journal will inspire and generate interest among researchers, educators, policy makers and professionals to understand the significance of Indigenous Knowledge in present era. We also thank all the readers and seek your feedback to make the journal a more effective vehicle in the field of Indigenous knowledge.




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