Sustainable Rural Economic model of India – an emerging economy model for the world in the post covid-19 pandemic era
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Rural economical model


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Gaur, D. (2020). Sustainable Rural Economic model of India – an emerging economy model for the world in the post covid-19 pandemic era . Dev Sanskriti Interdisciplinary International Journal, 16, 69–71.


The COVID19 pandemic impact made a major revision in development thinking that is presenting fundamental challenge to the conventional consensus on economic development. The Indian rural economy is the great economic philosophy which involves economic and social values in itself. The basic model of such economy has several features which makes it self-dependent, the same model had motivated the Indian freedom revolution towards the swadeshi, indigenousness, with the icon of charkha, unified the whole country against foreign economic dominance and later to the freedom. Rural economy serves as the backbone and basic line of evolution of economy. It represents the single working unit with all the functions of economy. In post COVID19 era, need of self-reliance and sustainable economy, could be addressed through rural economical model existed in India since centuries.
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