Intercultural Communication: Social attributes, Promoting Components, Impacts and Challenges


Intercultural communication
Cross-culture communication


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Satuna, R. K. . (2019). Intercultural Communication: Social attributes, Promoting Components, Impacts and Challenges. Dev Sanskriti Interdisciplinary International Journal, 14, 40–44.


In the multifaceted and interconnected global civilization of today, each of us is shaped by many factors. Culture is one of the most influential factors that is profoundly inbuilt in our values and communication styles; and when it comes to share information among people with different surroundings, a lot of aspects come across. The sort of communication known as Intercultural communication primarily deals with understanding the patterns of interaction between cross cultures peoples/groups. The current paper discusses culture, intercultural communication along with four perspectives.  The discussed four perspectives are (1) social attribute participating intercultural communication, (2) promoting components of intercultural communication, (3) impacts of intercultural communication, and (4) challenges with intercultural communication.


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