Concepts, Values, Message, Science and Application of Dev Sanskriti (Divine culture - ancient Indian culture) in the interdisciplinary fields as follows but not limited.


Health Aspects in Indology (Philosophy, Science, Application, Treatment, etc)

  1. Yoga & Meditation 
  2. Traditional & Holistic health approaches: Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Marma chikitsa, acupressure, pranic healing, ethno-medicine, medicinal plants, Yagya Therapy (Yagyopathy), etc


Indian Culture, Vedic studies & Spirituality

  1. Indian Music
  2. Historical & cultural studies - Languages, festivals, Rituals, etc.
  3. Vedic Philosophy, life, Scriptures, etc
  4. Theology, divinity & Scientific Spirituality


Humanities, Social sciences & Communications

  1. Indian Psychology & Indian Society (Life management, Indian Women, etc) 
  2. Indian Education Perspective (education with values, Gurukul System, etc) 
  3. Indian perspective in Journalism & Mass communication 
  4. Indian concepts on tourism (spiritual tourism, religious tourism, etc)

Technology, Environment & Sustainability

Technology & Management 

  1. Value based, Societal & Spiritual aspects in the field of Technology
  2. Value based, Societal & Spiritual aspects in the field of Management

 Environmental & Rural Studies 

  1. Sustainable environment 
  2. Rural development, technology and Rural Economy
  3. Indigenous Cow based science, application & technology