DSIIJ Archive

Research conducted by the PhD students and small-scale projects form an integral part of the University’s impactful knowledge base and therefore the University’s Research Committee strives for a high standard of innovative research following UGC standard and ethical guidelines of the research community. In order for students to conduct quality research, the University mandates PhD students to take coursework in addition to the standard programme. Periodical review of the research progress and examinations through written and oral exams results in the students’ ability to grasp knowledge in their dissertation subject area resulting in improved job placement and post-doctoral positions. The Research and Publication Cell of the University documents, compiles and publishes research output and the results are presented/published at national and international conferences and journals.

Students conducting the research projects also have the opportunity to conduct their research with the associated institute called Brahmavarchas Research Institute which was inaugurated in 1979 by Gayatri Pariwar. In addition, students have access to facilities at the Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Psychology Lab, Environmental Science Lab, Computer Lab, Animation Lab, Journalism and Mass Communication Lab etc., which provide the necessary infrastructure for the implementation of research activities. Students also have access to the internet as well as the Central Library to obtain published journal articles in their related fields. To broaden the research skills at the
University, effective collaborations with national and international universities for academic and research exchange programs are being conducted. Results from successful research projects are published in the University’s biannual research journal – Dev Sanskriti Interdisciplinary International Journal (DSIIJ – ISSN 2279-0578), which publishes original work of all subjects dedicated to the indigenous knowledge.